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Website design: advice for website owners

29 2012

by Nigel Harding

It is always fun to interact with people who want a new website. Some people have very strong ideas of their own, others are looking to be guided and nurtured. Design can be somewhat subjective but there are certain principles that are universal and that will help achieve a successful result. Here are some of our tips for embarking upon a successful website:

Website colours: don’t be too subjective

Your favourite colour may be purple but that doesn’t mean that purple is the best colour for your website. Think about your target audience and your business. For example:

  • Men & women prefer different colours. Women are more attacted to softer, pastel colours whereas men prefer bolder colours and patterns.
  • Colours have all sorts of psycholological and mood implications. Red is a passionate or dangerous colour, green is natural and soothing. Purple is spiritual and healing, blue and yellow evoke holidays and beaches (think holiday websites). Blue is the most popular colour for websites (very corporate feel). Grey is trustworthy (professions where safety or trust is paramount).

Work out the purpose of your website.

Is it to sell? Provide information? Generate a lead or enquiry? Make sure that your visitor understands what you want them to do. In fact go a little further, TELL your visitor what you want them to do. Make it clear and obvious. There’s nothing worse than a confusing website.

Don’t use clipart for your logo.

It will probably look cheap and unprofessional. It is very difficult to build a successful website around a poor logo and poor branding in general. You’d expect me to say this but do talk to a Designer about this aspect of your business. It will make a huge difference.

Beware of theme templates for websites

Don’t get me wrong, some templates for WordPress and its cousins look really good and may have their place but my experience is that the moment you wish to have a custom piece of functionality then it is alot more work to hack templates that generate code or plugins of varying quality than to write good adaptive code in the first place. So after a very cheap route to getting a website up and running you may find that it costs more than you bargained for when you want specific changes and modifications.

Your website should help your business

It seems like an obvious point but don’t do anything unless it will add value to your business. Here at Amodeo Web Design we are very rigorous on this aspect of our design and development activities.