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Why Cheap Website Hosting Is Expensive

17 2012

by Nigel Harding

My plea in this post is to beware of cheap website hosting. Yes, we all need to be cost conscious in these tough economic times but as with many things, if you skimp on the quality of vital services then you will suffer the consequences.

Hosts are able to offer cheap hosting by providing very little in terms of support and by loading huge numbers of sites onto each physical server. Because more sites exist on a shared server then fewer resources are available for each individual site. This means that your site is likely to run slowly and, if your site has a Content Management System, you may see connection errors with the database server as it has too much traffic to cope with.

Also Google takes in to account the loading time of websites when calculating it’s search results, the slower the loading time, the lower the placement of your website will be in the search results.

If you want your site to load quickly and your Internet Service Provider to help you if you have any problems then paying a little bit more for your hosting will pay off.