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Good Web Design - some thoughts and quotations

29 2012

by Nigel Harding

Meatloaf sang that “Good Girls Go To Heaven But Bad Girls Go Everywhere”. Well, to hi-jack that song title, I would say that “Good Web Design Goes To Heaven But Bad Design Goes Everywhere”.

There are plenty of examples of bad web design, just take a look at

Bad design usually involves:

  • unsuitable or clashing colours that ignore the principles of colour wheel theory
  • poor usability
  • poor use of proportions
  • clutter and lack of clarity

“Design is where science and art break even”. — Robin Mathew

An interesting quotation and I subscribe alot of truth to this. A design has to be usable, it has to be practical, it has to add value to your business. There is a scientific or logical part to your website as well as the artistic flair that is a part of the design. The design itself should be working for your business – appealing to your target audience, establishing your presence, re-enforcing your branding, helping you become memorable and helping the visitor focus on key parts of the website.

If you are looking at a re-design of your website come and talk to us about creating a design that will work for your organisation.