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How to launch a website

14 2012

by Nigel Harding

Just like when they light up those engines on a space rocket, once you decide to “go live” with your website there is often no going back and your website will be propelled into internet orbit. You may have been working to a deadline to get your website to go live or it may just have reached a satisfactory stage of completion.

A Time to celebrate?

Absolutely. It makes good business sense to capitalise on your latest asset. I would encourage you to seek out ways to share the news that your new website has hit the internet.

Social Media

I always recommend broadcasting the launch of your website via Social Media channels. As I, as a web designer, have been involved in the project I tend to do this myself in addition to any broadcasting by my clients (unless they expressly ask me not to do so). You will notice the initial increase in visitors in your visitor tracking tools.

Tell your existing clients and suppliers

The launch of a website is a great excuse to send out a good old email shot to your clients and suppliers. As well as mentioning your exciting new website why not remind them of the benefits of doing business with you and explain how your new website will make it easier for them to contact you/order supplies/find out more about your services.

Hold a launch party

One of our clients, Inhabitat Architects, held a launch party. This struck me as being a great idea, the party was held in a former firestation, in the basement. The website was projected onto a large screen and the website owner gave a brief speech. The rest of the evening was spent munching, mingling and enjoying the live band. Here is a Youtube clip.

Other ideas

You could create a press release and send it out to local press, especially if you are also launching your business. You might send out cards, fliers and other materials. We sometimes send out bars of chocolate to celebrate the launch of a website.

So I invite you to think creatively and capitalise on the opportunity to make some noise when your new website goes live.