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Creating a website that competes with the big boys

06 2013
Creating a website that competes with the big boys

by Nigel Harding

Most small businesses understand the need to have their own web presence in today’s competitive landscape. Large companies with their large marketing budgets have been quick to setup their comprehensive, all-singing, all-dancing websites but that is not to say that smaller businesses don’t have a chance to compete with the big boys. Here are some ways in which micro businesses and SMEs can compete with the larger corporates.

1. First of all, understand that “bigger” does not necessarily mean “better”. Smaller businesses are often more flexible, aren’t so tied to more rigourous processes, have smaller overheads and so can be more competitive on cost. So the trick is to get noticed and, when you do, to make an impact with your website and your product or services.

2. Your website needs to reflect professionalism and quality. It doesn’t particularly matter if your website isn’t as comprehensive or feature laden as the big corporates. What matters is that the pages you do show off are well designed and clearly communicate with your visitors.

3. Recognise that sometimes “less is more”. You don’t necessarily need to explain every facet of your business on your website. If your objective is to generate an enquiry, you need enough there to engage with the prospect, to create confidence and trust in your services and nudge the prospect into making an enquiry. Once that is done you can have a meeting, have a telephone call or whatever else is required to go into greater detail and progress the business opportunity.

4. Use Social Media and blogging to engage with your potential audience. Social media tools are one way in which small businesses can gain advantage over larger corporate companies. You can use social media to be personal, to be responsive and this can pay off against the sales technique of the industry giants. Blogging is a natural way of building up relevant website content for the search engines.

5. A couple of our sites that perform very well against some stiff competition are:

Rattle & Mum – Good clean design which can confidently take on other online businesses.

Metal Supplies – An SME that is doing very well in terms of search results and generating leads compared with the industry leaders.

So remember, your website should work on your behalf and can help you to compete with the big boys if you follow a few good web design principles. Let us know if we can help you…