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Web design trends - mid 2013

17 2013

by Nigel Harding

1. The Olympic legacy – we have observed that the 2012 Olympics colours are being re-used by a lot of websites. We are currently working on a sports website where there is a definite Team GB feel to the logo.

2. Websites for mobile phones – it is an increasing expectation that websites need to look good and operate effectively on mobile devices

3. Cookies – not only are websites required to comply with the Cookies law (2011) but some browsers are starting to disable cookies by default (Internet Explorer 10 and possible future versions of Firefox). This has implications for internet marketing and Google Analytics. See our blog article on our website for more details.

4. Our tip for the future: watch out for an increasing role for geo-location i.e.. marketing according to your visitors location such as discounts for restaurants if you can sign in to a particular location