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Last night's episode of The Apprentice & Web Design

20 2013

by Nigel Harding

On last night’s episode of the Apprentice the candidates were asked to create an online dating concept and market it, with a website, to some business professionals. Within the next 7 days UK residents can view it here:

One thing that I find incongruent is how passive the web designers are. I accept that this is not a real life situation and the designers are expected to implement the candidates’ often half-baked ideas but I would like to assure our readers that Amodeo Web Design would not come across as being so passive.

If a client started to choose colours that were too masculine, too feminine or which clashed I would find myself giving some advice or showing examples or talking about colour wheel theory.

We would ask about the target audience (young professionals, over 50s) and share our thoughts on what will appeal to them.

So, The Apprentice is great entertainment and a great Reality TV show but it does not represent web design reality.