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7 habits of highly effective website owners

13 2013
7 habits of highly effective website owners

by Nigel Harding

I did once attend a presentation by Stephen R. Covey and he was impressive. He was the real deal, an inspirational speaker who had taken some principles and shown how they can help us be successful in the business world. His ’7 Habits’ books are business best sellers. In this post I consider 7 habits that every website owner should adopt.

1. Your website must reflect your business or personal objectives.

I often write about this. There is no point in selling a product or service if your website does not have marketing messages (calls to action) to support your sales process.

2. Does your website communicate with your target audience?

If it doesn’t then you might as well not bother. That may sound rather blunt but it’s true. Try to get into the world of your target audience and communicate effectively with them. Communicate not only with the text that you use but use the colours that they favour and use lifestyle images that they will relate to.

3. Businesses are about people, so are websites.

Use images of people. We relate to people. If your website doesn’t have images of people it may appear rather clinical and detached. Try to make your website personal to your reader. Use personal pronouns such as “you” and “yours”. Website content is generally more conversational than comparable printed materials.

4. Change your content regularly.

People revisit websites more regularly if there is changing content. So do the non human visitors! The Google robots “like” changing content. In the long term it results in higher page rankings.

5. Review your website regularly.

Weekly, fort-nightly, monthly, whatever, but do set aside time to check your visitor stats and see which of your pages are performing well and which might be improved. Don’t wait until your sales pipeline has dried up, be as responsive as you can as early as you can. Talk to us if you would like some help with this.

6. In this digital age you really should be a blogger and be having social media interactions.

Having a blog on your website is a major benefit in terms of adding new content and using language that is relevant to your business. Internet marketing is all about having conversations and interactions with your target audience and I’m willing to bet that an increasing number of them are using Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In et al.

7. Consider your mobile audience.

By that I mean those clients or prospects who will be using a mobile phone. It is estimated that around 63% of internet users use their mobile phones to go online (September 2013 figures). You should be confident that your mobile phone and tablet using visitors have a good experience when they visit your website. If not, ceteris paribus, they will find a competitor.

If you would like help with any of this then please give us a call. We’re a friendly bunch and can help you with your website habits.