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"I have a friend who develops websites" - is this ever a good option?

10 2014

by Nigel Harding

It’s an option that we often come across, a prospect may engage in conversations with us but they think they have a friend or know a student who might be able to produce a website for free or at a very low cost. Here’s why that might be a bad idea…

There is a cost associated with quality

We all want to own a successful website and it is an inescapable fact that it takes time to produce quality. There are not many shortcuts that you can take, it takes time to hold project meetings with clients, it takes time for ideas to percolate, it takes time to draw concepts and it takes time to write code. You will get a better website if you budget for this process.

Does your friend or student have relevant experience?

Another thing to consider is whether your freebie contractor has enough relevant experience. Have they ever worked on a commercial website before? Are they aware of browser standards? Do they have some notion of the marketing context?

Does your friend have creative and technical skills?

Very few people are skilled in both design and coding. It often takes a team to produce the best result, someone with business and marketing experience to understand how to add value to the business, someone with creative flair to produce a pleasing website design and someone who is good technically to write the code.

So the next time that someone makes you a free or “do it in my spare time” offer, do carefully consider whether you will get the best result for your business.