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Is web design and development a commodity or a service?

18 2014

by Nigel Harding

Website builder applications

You may have heard of web design builder packages (such as those offered by Wix, 1&1, Moonfruit) and it looks like you are just a few clicks away from adding your logo and being inundated with new business leads. Is it really as simple as that?

Can they work?

Well, if you have a good grasp of your business objectives, marketing, an understanding of your target audience, an understanding of colour psychology and an instinct for good design, or if you have previously run or owned a website then you may well be able to hit the ground running. The problem is, it isn’t just the website as an entity that will allow you to be successful.

Website consultancy

Your website is inextricably linked with your brand, your marketing strategy, your target audience and the ability to attract new website visitors. In my view it is at least worth a conversation with someone who knows how to create and manage a successful website. So this is where “website consultancy” comes into play. A website builder package may enable you to choose some colours and away you go but have you talked to a designer about the implications or appeal of certain colours? Do you really understand what are the key elements of a successful website and the big question here is, do you place a value on that experience and expertise?

The most successful websites are usually uniquely designed for a specific purpose or audience and there is usually a fair amount of research, consultation and design time to arrive at the final design. In other words, alot more than choosing a nice looking template or theme and sending it live. My suggestion is that you consider very carefully the consultation value that your chosen supplier can offer.

The value of website consultancy

Speaking from the other side of the fence, it takes time to get websites right and to produce quality. That is why our websites will not be as cheap as a predefined template but most of clients can see the value that we add in arriving at a successful and unique website. We don’t list consultancy or project time as a line item when we send out proposals or quotations but we think it is only right that any website gets the careful care and attention that it deserves and that means allowing time to understand the business, consult, listen advise and deliver the best possible solution.

What do you think?

We’d be really interested to hear your views on the value of the consultancy that you receive from web designers or digital agencies, do drop us a line.