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  • Creating a website that competes with the big boys

    06 2013

    Most small businesses understand the need to have their own web presence in today’s competitive landscape. Large companies with their large marketing budgets have been quick to setup their comprehensive, all-singing, all-dancing websites but that is not to say that smaller businesses don’t have a chance to compete with the big boys.

  • SEO - 10 hints on how to climb up the Search Engine Results

    20 2013

    Here our list of activies that will influence your performance amongst the search engine results. This isn’t a complete list but features some of the activities that will make a difference…

  • Website support - subject to the Lance Armstrong syndrome?

    18 2013

    I have found a lot of business owners who have had an unsatisfactory relationship with their web designer and they find that receiving ongoing support is an issue. Our company has picked up a lot of disaffected clients and they are often suspicious of or very careful about who they work with in the future. So what is the key to having a good, trustworthy relationship with your web designer or developer?

  • CSR: Amodeo Web Design participation in a charity cycle ride

    12 2013

    Amodeo Director Nigel Harding will be taking part in a charity bike ride on 22nd June 2013. He will cycle a 66 mile route around the Solent and Isle of Wight in order to raise funds for The Hope and Aid charity.

  • Our list of top website features

    06 2013

    This is our perspective on the most popular website features that we are asked for by our clients and prospects

  • How to launch a website

    14 2012

    Have you thought about how to launch your new website once it is ready? For some organisations this can be a low key affair but equally it could be an opportunity to create some fanfare…

  • Website Templates - why we don't offer shrink-wrapped websites

    05 2012

    It sounds easy doesn’t it? You choose a website template, insert your logo and away you go. We don’t churn out websites based upon templates and here’s why…

  • Our presentation on websites for mobile devices

    13 2012

    Website Owners: Why You Can No Longer Ignore Mobile Devices

    Our presentation on this topic. The web landscape, the advent of mobile phones and tablets, how web design is responding to these developments and why you can’t afford to be left behind.

  • Good Web Design - some thoughts and quotations

    29 2012

    About websites that break the rules of design and how good design can help your business.

  • Responsive Web Design: Why You Can No Longer Ignore The Smartphone

    09 2012

    Some compelling facts about smartphone usage and why you can’t ignore the smartphone revolution.

  • Four Principles Of Great Web Design

    08 2012

    Four initial (and most important) steps to get you started on the road to owning a successful website. In the post we cover some of the principles of great web design.

  • In Defence of the Content Management System

    28 2012

    Addressing some misconceptions about a Content Management System (CMS) and why a CMS is generally a good thing for a website owner to have.

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